What Are JumpStart Games for Kids?

What Are JumpStart Games for Kids?

JumpStart games are educational games geared toward elementary school children, and they generally teach academic or life skills. These skills include things such as reading, mathematics and foreign language.

JumpStart publishes games in many series, including Advanced Series, 3D Virtual World, Early Discovery and Spy Masters. Many games are suitable for a specific grade or age group, such as "JumpStart Preschool" and "JumpStart First Grade." Others include a single subject for many age groups, so that the game can progress as the child does. These include "JumpStart Spanish," "JumpStart Typing" and "JumpStart Music."

Since 2012, games by JumpStart often feature DreamWorks films as subject matter, such as "School of Dragons," which is based on "How to Train a Dragon." It allows children to attend classes with dragons and befriend them.

Most JumpStart games are available for personal computers. As of 2015, the company also publishes games on Wii and iPad. Examples include "Art Studio," "Roller Squash" and "My ABC Book." Many of JumpStart's iPad games are also available for the iPhone.

In 2014, JumpStart acquired the online virtual pet game "Neopets," which has been active since 1999. Neopets is browser-based and features a family-friendly environment by implementing chat board restrictions for children under age 13.