What Are the Journey Girls Dolls?


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Journey Girls dolls are a line of ethnic dolls made by Toys ‘R’ Us, Inc. Dana, Callie, Chavonne, Kyla, Meredith and Kelsey are the six original Journey Girls. The dolls are 18 inches tall and are made of vinyl and cloth. They have glass eyes and rooted hair.

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Journey Girls dolls come in various skin tones, hair textures and hair colors. They are best friends with special talents. They enjoy travelling, sightseeing and exploring new things. Each Journey Girl has a unique personality. Dana has short hair, wears glasses, and loves animals. Callie is Asian, loves to dance, and is a fashion guru. Chavonne is African-American, a singer, and the girls' leader. Kyla is Latina, an artist, and is shy. Meredith is a blonde, is athletic, and is outspoken. Kelsey is a redhead, is adventurous, and loves the outdoors.

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