What Are Some Jokes About College Football?


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One college football joke is "How many Texas A&M Aggies does it take to kidnap a child? Four- one to do the kidnapping and three to write the ransom note." Many college football jokes are based on the sport's intense rivalries.

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Another joke is "Why do the Tennessee Vols wear orange? They can wear it to the game on Saturday, hunt on Sunday and pick up trash on the side of the road the rest of the week." A Penn State joke is "Why do they call Pennsylvania State 'Penn State?' State Pen was already taken."

Jokes aimed at the NCAA and the BCS system are popular, such as "After the big New Year’s Day bowls including playoffs, Friday’s games were the Armed Forces, Taxslayer, Alamo and Cactus Bowls. About as attractive to most fans as following the Super Bowl with the Pro Bowl."

Other jokes include "How come Ohio State football players won’t drive a Japanese car? They don’t think they’ll understand what’s said on the radio" or "Did you know George Bush sent Mississippi State's QB Wayne Madkin to Afghanistan? Yeah, Bush figured, hell, he overthrows everybody else, why not the Taliban?"

One last joke is "A man is sitting at a park bench when another man sits next to him and they engage in conversation. Shortly after, the second man says, 'So, I bet you’re a Texas fan.' The first man says enthusiastically, 'Why, yes I am. How did you know? My intelligence? My wit? My good looks?' The second fellow says, 'No. I saw your class ring when you were picking your nose.'"

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