What Are Some Jokes About Biology?

What Are Some Jokes About Biology?

One biology joke says that there was a microbiologist who visited 30 countries and spoke six languages. He was a man of many cultures. Another joke claims that a biologist couple had twins. They named the kids "Sophie" and "Control." Yet another biology joke asks what the male stamen says to the female pistil. The answer: "I like your style."

Many biology jokes require both the joke-teller and the listener to have a solid general understanding of biology principles. Otherwise, the jokes are barely understood and anything but funny.

The joke about the biologist who visited 30 countries is a play on words. Microbiology refers to a colony of microorganisms as a culture. The culture to which the joke also refers is the culture as it relates to a country or language.

The joke about the twins is better understood when it is learned that biologists are required to use a control group every time they conduct an experiment. Therefore, biologists always work with at least two groups and one of them is always the control.

The stamen and pistil joke is better understood upon learning that the stamen is the male part of a flower and the pistil is the female part. One of the structures of the pistil is the style.