What Are Some Free Joke Websites?

Websites that have free jokes, as of September 2015, include JokesWarehouse.com, AJokeADay.com, and from Comedy Central, Jokes.cc.com. Each of them offer a new joke every day.

JokesWarehouse.com has hundreds of jokes, several daily updated cartoons and a message board. A joke a day is delivered by email if users sign up for the mailing list. There are many categories of jokes on the website, including jokes on topics including animals, marriage, sports and family.

Comedy Central also offers a daily joke that is featured on the main joke Web page, and it also lists categories of jokes. Some of these categories include jokes on "man walks into a bar," pop culture and celebrity, news and politics, as well as dark humor. Additionally, the website has a bar on the left side of the page that allows the user to click and get a random joke. Users also are able to submit jokes on the site.

AJokeADay.com has been up since 1995, and is a professionally maintained site. This site claims that its jokes are all clean. It has both the joke of the day and a variety of other jokes available. Like Comedy Central, it allows users to submit jokes.