Are There Any Joke Books About Medical Diseases?


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Clifford Shawney published a book called "Medical Jokes and Humour" in 2004. The book is 150 pages and is geared toward adults with its style of humor.

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Another book that adds humor to a medical situation is called "My Funny Major Medical." The book is a collection of humorous stories and jokes about the health care experience. It is edited by Linton Robinson and Escrit Lit, and the collection features a variety of contributors. The book contains stories, jokes and therapeutic venting as written by some of the funniest humor writers.

Stories in "My Funny Major Medical" touch on the experiences of going through medical situations. This includes some medical personnel who did not realize they were being funny. Contributors include columnists, comedians, authors and TV writers. Some of the listed contents are "My Hysterical-Ectomy," "Sometimes it is Brain Surgery," "The Missing Vagina Monologues" and "Confessions of a Candy Striper."

A doctor joke book was written by Larry Wilde, titled "The Official Doctor's Joke Book." It was published in 1981. Comedian Johnny Laughter also has a series of joke books, one of which is "Medical and Nursing Jokes." Additional jokes about medicine, diseases and doctors can be found online at many humor themed websites.

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