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Real Life Online is a free, Web-based resource that does not require membership to access its lessons on Internet safety, designed for students in grades four to six. To use Real Life Online, access the Real Life Online website, follow the desired link for either Grade 4, Grade 5 or Grade 6, and download the complete Connect[ED] unit. Each grade has a letter for parents and guardians to be sent home with students by the teacher.

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Real Life Online’s Connect[ED] is a Web-based resource for teaching Internet safety for students. Through the program, students learn to behave in a healthy and safe way online through lessons in security, relationships, personal privacy and netiquette. Each lesson includes a 20- to 30-minute live-action informative video that includes engaging animation, as well as a teacher lesson plan, a take-home student lesson, teacher resources and parent resources. Every lesson includes a transcript and video to be downloaded or streamed directly from the Internet.

This program discusses issues that affect students such as cyberbullying and password privacy and it explains that online information lives forever. The not-for-profit organization Ophea developed the Real Life Online Connect[ED] program with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Education in an effort to support healthy schools and communities.

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