How Do You Get a Job As a Tattoo Artist on "Sims 3"?

In order to become a tattoo artist on "Sims 3," the Ambition career expansion pack should be installed along with the "Sims 3" game. The Ambition expansion pack allows a user to choose from a variety of different careers, including a tattoo artist, a firefighter, and architect and even an inventor.

Unlike the older "Sims" versions where the Sims would take off to work for their specified hours, the ambition expansion pack for "Sims 3" allows the user to control the Sim while it is at work. The user can choose to create a good Sim that saves lives and works for the greater good, or the Sim can be manipulated to do bad. Choose to shirk responsibility and ignore others, or make the correct choices and save the town.

Without the expansion pack in "Sims 3," the user could choose to visit a specific building to choose a career. To be a doctor, the Sim would go to the hospital and work, and to be a police officer, the Sim would be required to go to the police station.

When choosing a career as a tattoo artist, the user has the ability to create tattoos with different shapes, colors and layers.