What Are Some Jigidi Free Jigsaw Puzzles?


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Jigidi's free puzzles include colorful mosaic designs, themed photo collages, paintings of outdoor scenes and digital fantasy art. Users are able to submit images to Jigidi, which Jigidi then turns into puzzles. Some users submit personal photos, either of themselves or outdoor scenes, as well as photos from popular culture. Users can search for puzzles by theme and number of pieces. Many of the puzzle images are available in more than one size range.

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Jigidi users do not have to create an account to have access to its puzzles. Only users who create an account can submit images for puzzles, though. A user account allows them to bookmark puzzles they plan on completing and save their progress on any puzzle they are currently working on.

If one user complains about the content of another user's puzzle, Jigidi immediately removes that puzzle from the site and investigates the complaint. Jigidi puts the puzzle back on the site if it deems the complaint to be unfounded.

Jigidi does not allow users to search for a puzzle by title, and the puzzle titles do not have to follow a formula with consistent capitalization rules. Jigidi's titles for its puzzles of paintings do not always identify the proper title of the work or the name of its artist.

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