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"Jazzpunk" is a first-person adventure game in which players explore a comedic world filled with many references to other games. It is published by Adult Swim Games. As of May 2015, "Jazzpunk" is available for Windows, OS X and Linux.

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"Jazzpunk" differs from traditional adventure games in that there is relatively little focus on solving puzzles. Most of the game consists of exploring the world and playing humorous mini-games that often make reference to other video games. Some of the classic games that are riffed on include "Quake" and "Duck Hunt." The overall tone of the game is absurd and silly.

The protagonist of the game, Polyblank, is a secret agent. The game takes place in the late 1950s in Japan. Polyblank works for an agency that gives him extremely strange missions, such as assassinating a pig using a ukulele. There is no possible way for the player to die or fail in their mission, putting the emphasis entirely on exploration and winning mini-games.

The game was created by Luis Hernandez and Jess Brouse. In interviews, they cite the cyberpunk genre as well as film noir and spy movies from the Cold War era as the inspiration for the game.

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