What Are Some Japanese Pokemon Names?

japanese-pokemon-names Credit: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images

Some Japanese names of Pokémon include "Fushigidane" for Bulbasaur, "Hitokage" for Charmander, "Zenigame" for Squirtle, "Pikachuu" for the main character's Pokémon named Pikachu, "Kyukon" for Ninetales, "Nyoromo" for Poliwag and "Biriridama" for Voltorb. All Pokémon have original names in Japanese since the anime is produced in Japan.

Some Pokémon names are the same in Japanese and English, such as Gengar, Pidgeot, Arbok, Raichu, Golduck, Mankey and Ponyta. This occurs simply because the names either weren't translated or there's no viable translation. Creatures with traditional Japanese names often have some kind of descriptive word attached to it, such as "Raki," the Japanese word for "luck" used for the name of Chansey.

Other Pokémon names are more easily translatable to English. For instance, the ghost-type called Haunter simply has the Japanese word for "ghost" as its name. Hypno is translated into "sleeper" in Japanese, and Krabby is the traditional term for "crab."

As of 2014, there are more than 700 Pokémon created for the anime series. There are 18 basic types of Pokémon found in several regions of the fictional world. A technological device called a "Pokédex" classifies and organizes data on every creature for easy retrieval and referral. When new Pokémon are discovered, their information is added to the Pokédex.