How Do You Get Items From the TF2 Item Server?

How Do You Get Items From the TF2 Item Server?

To get items from the "Team Fortress 2" item server, check the main menu for available items, store the items in your backpack and double-check for further items at the Mann Co. store. This process takes approximately five minutes and requires a computer, access to the game and an Internet connection.

  1. Access the main menu

    Navigate to the main menu to see if any notifications appear regarding new items that you have received. New items are available after a player's death, when 10 duels are won, if a Mann Co. store is opened or after a trade is completed.

  2. Store the items in your backpack

    Use the on-screen commands to move any available items to your backpack. Items are automatically dropped at regular intervals, but you must add them to your backpack. The items are dropped on average intervals of 50 minutes.

  3. Visit the Mann Co. store

    Navigate to the Mann Co. store to see if any further items are available. If you get disconnected from the server, sometimes items are left in limbo. These items are available to you but are not yet stored in your backpack, so visit the store to see if you have any in that category.