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"Isle of Tune" is an unconventional music-making application available for computer and mobile platforms that requires the user to construct islands to produce music. The roads and objects you place around the island create a myriad of potential sounds, allowing for countless musical variations.

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When playing "Isle of Tune," each object can have a sound associated with it and each sound can have its volume adjusted, can be cloned (for easier placement around the island) and can have the ability to play instantly or with delay. You can also add random sounds, premade loops and junctions to the island to produce different effects and sounds. As you place cars upon the roads of the island, they play back the sounds associated with the objects, following the order in which you placed them.

Since its inception in 2010 by Happylander, players have built thousands of islands using "Isle of Tune." Many devotees of the game choose to replicate songs that already exist using the features that "Isle of Tune" offers in its user interface. Some of these popular songs include "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay and the theme to "Harry Potter." As of July 2015, "Beat It" has received more than 120,000 favorable votes. "Isle of Tune" also lets users share their creations via Facebook, Twitter or email.

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