How Is an Iron-on Transfer Made on Paper?

How Is an Iron-on Transfer Made on Paper?

Special transfer paper is placed inside a basic printer to create a usable iron-on transfer. The image that is printed onto the transfer paper must first be mirrored in an image editing program in order for it to look correct one transferred.

Iron-on transfers work on T-shirts, pillow cases, tote bags and a variety of other fabric items. Making iron-on transfers is easy with a printer, image editing software and special transfer paper.

The image selected can be manipulated to the desired size and color within the image editing software. The editing software is used to mirror the image before it is printed.

Before wasting valuable transfer paper, print a test copy of the image on regular paper to ensure the sizing, positioning and color is correct.

Once the image is ready to print, simply place the transfer paper into the printer following the instructions with the packaging and print. Carefully cut the image away from the blank portion of the transfer paper and place it image side down on whatever item being used. Use a brown paper bag or piece of cardboard between the layers of material if it is double layered to keep the ink from bleeding through to the other side. Iron the transfer using a circular motion starting from the outer edge and working towards the center. Follow transfer paper instructions for the proper length of item to iron the transfer.