How Do You Iron on Patches?

How Do You Iron on Patches?

To apply an iron-on patch, you need an iron, an ironing board, an iron-on patch, a cloth and the garment that you would like to adhere the patch to. Be sure that the garment can be ironed without sustaining damage.

  1. Clean the garment

    Before applying the patch, the garment should be washed and completely dry. Dry the garment on permanent-press setting to ensure that it is wrinkle-free. Alternatively, you may iron the area where you plan to apply the patch.

  2. Iron patch onto the garment

    Plug in the iron, adjusting to highest heat level the garment label recommends, and allow it to heat up. Lay the clothing flat on an ironing board, and place patch in desired spot. Place the cloth over the patch, and iron the cloth in a circular motion for 90 seconds. Straighten the cloth if it wrinkles while ironing. You may also turn the garment inside out and iron the backside of the patch.

  3. Allow iron-on patch to cool

    Allow the patch to cool for a minimum of one minute. Check the patch for adherence. If it's not secured onto the garment, iron it again. You can also sew around the perimeter of the patch for added security.