What Is Involved in the Process of Video Game Development?

What Is Involved in the Process of Video Game Development?

Four major steps are involved in the process of video game developers: conceptualization, pre-production, production and post-production. Video game developers follow these four steps with manufacturing and distribution of the finished product.

Typically, an individual within a video game development company begins the conceptualization phase of any video game development project, although outside sources have been known to provide ideas to developers in the past. A video game concept is generally a very simple layout of what the intended video game should be about.

The pre-production phase of video game development typically involves a team of designers, artists, writers and producers who work together to turn the simple concept into a comprehensive plan for the look and feel of the finished video game. During this phase, designers create sketches, concept art and storyboards describing the characters and main actions taking place in the game.

During production, programmers and software technicians use the designers' documents to create the video game according to the development company's standards. At this point, engineers write code and produce digital objects to be used in the video game and put them together.

Once the video game is coded and playable, the post-production process begins. The primary goal of post-production is resolving bugs, flaws and other problems that impair the video game's playability. Usually, video game developers create a series of beta versions for the post-production team to test before arriving at the finished product.