What Are Some Inventions That Are Easy to Make?


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Some inventions that are easy to make include a Moser Lamp, a cabbage flower stamp, a plastic spoon chandelier, a bread crumb bird feeder and chainmaille accessories. These inventions don't require any special skills and are created from common household items.

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The Moser Lamp was designed by a Brazilian mechanic named Alfredo Moser. His invention was devised as a way to cut down electricity bills by utilizing a non-electrical source of light. The only supplies needed to construct this invention are a clear bottle, polyester resin, water and bleach. Polyester resin, or casting resin, is commonly used in casting and widely available in art stores or stores that carry hobby supplies.

To create a Moser Lamp, gather supplies, and select a location for the lamp. Cut a hole in the roof of the room you intend to illuminate, and secure the bottle in the hole in the roof. Use the polyester resin to seal any gaps between the roof and the bottle, making it watertight. Fill the clear bottle with filtered water, add 10 milliliters of bleach, and then cap the bottle. Filtered water ensures that there are no particles blocking the light, and the bleach prohibits algae and bacteria growth. The Moser Lamp is commonly used to light homes in Manila.

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