What Are Some Invention Ideas for Kids?

invention-ideas-kids Credit: Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images

Some invention ideas for kids include a balloon-powered car, a stethoscope, ocean in a bottle and a recyclable pot. The ideas assist kids to develop skills and abilities that ensure they turn dull moments to fun ones.

Using a piece of cardboard, a balloon and a few other household items, a kid can make a balloon-powered car. Before making the car, the child should set a few goals, such as moving at least 10 feet when released. The child can experiment with different shapes for the car.

Making a stethoscope and discussing how it functions can help lower a child's anxiety about visiting a doctor. This invention creates a chance to discuss how the heart functions and ways to keep it healthy.

Ocean in a Bottle is a fun invention that involves creativity, introduces kids to ocean habitats, and provokes discussions of how to protect the ocean. This invention is a great choice when planning a trip to the beach.

Environmentally conscious kids may want to make a recyclable pot by collecting used bottles around the house or neighborhood. Cutting these bottles open creates recyclable pots that can be used to grow some plants and learn some lessons about the environment.