Who Invented the Weaving Loom?


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Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the Jacquard loom, which was a mechanical loom, in 1801. Other looms include the dobby loom, the backstrap loom, the foot-treadle floor loom and the horizontal ground loom.

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Who Invented the Weaving Loom?
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According to Navaho legend, Spider Woman invented the weaving loom. It is a story that many Navaho children grow up hearing. Spider Woman created the lower beam of his loom from the earth, and the upper beam was fashioned from the sky. The warp threads that travel up and down between the beams connect the earth and sky.

Reverend Edmund Cartwright invented the steam loom in 1785. His Doncaster weaving mill was a failure. He was granted remuneration by the English Parliament years later for his efforts.

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