What Are Some Interesting Things That People Collect?


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Among the interesting things that people collect are Pez dispenser and varieties of different Santa Claus items. Beer mugs are also of interest to collectors, notes Oddies.com.

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Pez dispensers are available in a variety of themes, including cartoon characters, Star Wars figures, Disney characters, superheroes and even real people. Collectors can find holiday-related dispensers for Santa Claus, Frosty, Rudolph, the Easter Bunny and many more. There are even dispensers that look like past presidents. Pez.com lists collector events, dispensers available by year and different Pez vending machines.

Santa collectors enjoy stuffed dolls, figurines, carved wood and cookie jars, among other items. SantaCollectors.com showcases many different collections, including those with mugs, clothing, purses and paintings.

Beer mugs and steins are also often collected. Some beer mugs come in copper or pewter, while others are made of silver, ivory, pottery, glass, wood or porcelain. Many beer steins came from Germany in the late 19th century, according to CollectorsWeekly.com. Collectors are often interested in steins or mugs with replicas of famous paintings, while others may collect those with depictions of historical battles, sports teams, locations or beer logos.

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