What Are Some Interesting Team-Building or Indoor/outdoor Games for Adults?

interesting-team-building-indoor-outdoor-games-adults Credit: Gandee Vasan/Stone/Getty Images

Refresh Leadership describes several team-building games for adults: concentration, grab bag skits, salt and pepper and the human knot. These games provide interesting and fun ways promote effective communication and encouragement.

Concentration requires a group of 10 to 20 people. Participants form two equal lines facing each other; one line turns around and waits 40 second for the other line to change 10 things. Participants can switch jewelry or clothing, change their hair, untie their shoelaces or make any other visible change about themselves. The first line then turns around and tries to identify the changes the second line has made.

Grab bag skits requires groups of three to eight people. Each group receives a bag containing props such as a pen and a stapler. The groups have five minutes to create a skit using all the objects in the bag, and they then perform for each other.

In salt and pepper, each participant has a sheet of paper taped to his back with one word of a pair, such as light and dark, yin and yang or peanut butter and jelly. Everyone walks around and asks yes or no questions to figure out which word is on his back; after he learns what word he has, he can then find his pair. The pairs then sit down and learn three to five interesting facts about each other.

The human knot is a physical and mental exercise. The participants stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle. Everyone grabs somebody's hand with his right hand, and then grabs a different person's hand with his left. The group must then untangle itself without breaking the circle.