What Are Some Interesting Brain Teaser Riddles?


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One interesting brain teaser riddle is: A woman was born on December 28, but she always celebrates her birthday during the summer. How is this possible? The solution is that the woman lives in the southern hemisphere.

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Another interesting brain teaser riddle is: A bowl holds 20 red candies, 25 green candies and 30 brown candies. What is the smallest number of candies you must pull out to be 100 percent sure you have three brown candies? The catch: you are not allowed to look into the bowl.

To be completely certain, you must select 48. It is possible, though unlikely, for you to pull out all the red candies and green candies without taking a brown candy. In this case, you have removed 45. With no other candy left, you are able to pick out three brown ones, for a total of 48.

For a third brain teaser, study the following four words: remit, maps, live, pins. What do they have in common? The answer is that all of the words form new words when written backwards: timer, spam, evil, snip.

Finally, how much dirt is in a hole that is two feet wide, three feet long and four feet deep? The answer is "none." A hole does not contain any dirt.

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