What Instruments Are Used in Baroque Music?


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The instruments in baroque music include the harpsichord, oboe, violin and flute. Baroque music is a style of classical music from the period between 1600 to 1750. Forms of baroque music include opera, oratorio, concerto, suite and cantata.

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The harpsichord is a stringed keyboard instrument that produces sound from strings. It is ideal for music consisting of two or more melodies playing at the same time. Each key has a quill resting internally on the far end, and a string that connects to the quill. Pressing the keys triggers the quills to pluck the strings.

Most harpsichords have two strings per key with one line producing a standard pitch and the other a higher pitch. The baroque harpsichord has two rows of keys. Most of the baroque composers wrote for the harpsichord.

The baroque oboe is a wind instrument that has two or three keys; its main material is ebony or boxwood. Players use complicated fingerings to produce different notes on the oboe.

The baroque violin differs from modern violins in that its tailpiece has no fine tuners, its bridge is lower, the fingerboard is shorter, and it does not have a shoulder or chin board. The violin is essential in instrumental genres of baroque music such as concerto grosso, sonata and suite. It also forms part of the main section of the orchestra.

The baroque flute is end-blown and has only one key. Ebony and boxwood are the primary materials for the flute.

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