What Instruments Accompany Mehndi Songs?


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The Indian ragas and Hindi wedding songs of Daler Mehndi are accompanied by a musical instrument of his own invention. The instrument, which Mehndi calls a “SwarMandir,” combines elements of the bowed rebab, zither-like swarmandal and long-necked tanpura.

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Daler Mehndi's voice and swarmandal music are featured in the songs Tunak Tunak Tun, Ho Jayegi Balle Balle, Banthi Poola Janaki and Saade Dil Te Chhuriyan Chaliyan, as well as on several other popular YouTube music videos.

Born in New Delhi, India, Daler Mehndi left home to study music when he was 14. Mehndi became a proficient player of tabla, tanpura and harmonium before becoming a pop star in 1995 with the hit song, Bolo Ta Ra Ra.

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