What Are Instructions for Working a Rubik's Cube?

The operating instructions for a Rubik's Cube consist of placing the hands on either side of the device and twisting one or two segments to rotate the colors to a new position. Each segment is capable of moving in two directions, both in a horizontal and vertical orientation.

A Rubik's Cube is a three-dimensional puzzle that is made up of 36 small squares that form a cube, with each side of the cube containing a different color. Manipulating the cube involves twisting one of its segments, consisting of one panel of nine squares and its connecting edge pieces, in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion. Each nine-square segment of the cube is capable of such motion, with new movement options available depending on the orientation of the cube. Twisting any of the segments shifts all the colors of the visible side to a new location.

Solving the puzzle involves moving the pieces of the cube so that each of the six sides has a single solid color visible. Some solutions also involve obtaining a single solid color for one side, or a series of color combinations. As it is not possible to remove the pieces from the larger cube, the solution involves rotating the pieces in segments. This also means that it is impossible to create an unsolvable puzzle on the cube without tampering with its construction.