What are the instructions for sewing a pillow?


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To make a pillow, place two identically shaped pieces of fabric front to front and sew together, leaving a small opening. Flip fronts to the outside, or inside-out, fill the pillow with desired stuffing material and sew opening closed to finish.

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Cut two pieces of fabric, using either the same fabric or coordinating ones, into the desired shape. Be sure to cut pieces with the grain of the fabric and 2 inches larger then the finished pillow. Lay the fabric pieces on top of one another so that the outside of each piece is facing the other. Pin the two pieces together using straight or safety pins, making sure that the edges match. Leave an approximately 5 inch gap on one of the sides without pins.

Sew pieces together leaving a 1 inch seam allowance. This can be done with either a sewing machine or by hand. Do not sew the 5 inch opening that is without pins. Trim the fabric edges to 1/2 inch, cutting the top layer slightly shorter than the bottom layer and close on corners.

Turn fabric right side out and press edges. Fill pillow with desired loose stuffing or pillow insert. Fold the cloth of the opening 1/2 inch into the pillow and hand stitch it closed.

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