Where Are the Instructions for Playing Word Unscrabbler?


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Instructions for using the Word Unscrambler tool on WordUnscrambler.com are available at the bottom of the website's home page. "Scrabble" players may use the Word Unscrambler to find words spelled with a given selection of letters.

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To use the Word Unscrambler, a user types a series of letters into the field at the top of the page. These letters do not need to be a recognizable word. If the player is using the Word Unscrambler in conjunction with a vocabulary game such as "Scrabble" or "Words with Friends," he should enter the letters in his current hand.

After entering the letters, the user selects the dictionary to use. This is important because “Scrabble” prohibits certain types of words such as proper nouns. If the user selects the "Scrabble" dictionary, the Word Unscrambler does not display prohibited word results. At this point, the user may click the Start button to see all the words spelled with the entered letters. Each word links to its online definition.

Players may also narrow down their results by specifying the lengths of the desired words and letters that they must contain. Some vocabulary games offer wild card tiles that a player may use as any letter. A user enters a question mark into the Word Unscrambler field to denote a wild card.

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