What Are the Instructions for Playing "Farm Tycoon"?


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There are no formal instructions for the Flash game "Farm Tycoon" by Robotic Pencil, but there is an in-game tutorial in which Farmer John instructs the player on managing the livestock and agriculture within the farm. John shows you how to grow, harvest and sell plants, as well as how to plow the fields. You can also use the shop to purchase more fields for plants and pens for animals.

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"Farm Tycoon" falls within a genre of business tycoon simulation games that have clear rules and revolve around effective resource management. The objective of "Farm Tycoon" is to run a successful farm and accumulate money by planting and selling crops and buying and selling cows.

As you begin to make money, you can increase your productivity exponentially by adding more fields and animal pens at a price of $100 per field and $150 per pen. It costs $30 to plant a crop in a field, and each field harvest rewards you with a $120 increase. It also costs you $15 to plow a field after harvest before you can plant more crops. Buying a cow for an animal pen costs $20 and rewards you with $120 for a sale, though you must pay $10 to clean the pen. Don't spend all of your money buying fields and pens, or you won't have the resources to plant crops or buy animals.

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