Are the Instructions Always the Same When Playing Bunco?


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Bunco is a party game that can be changed to adapt to the number of people or preferences within a particular group. In general, the game involves six teams of two people rolling three dice at three separate tables in order to score points by rolling the current round's number.

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Points are scored whenever the current round is rolled. For example, players look for ones in the first round, twos in the second, and so on. If all three dice land on the current round number, it is called a Bunco and is worth 21 points. If three of a number other than the current round are rolled, it is worth five points. Rollers on each team alternate turns whenever a player fails to score, with the other team taking a turn in between.

One of the tables is designated "Head Table" for every game of Bunco, and each round ends when a team reaches 21 points at the Head Table. At that time, winning teams move closer to the Head Table, while losing players stay where they are, forming new teams for the next round. This is to encourage the social aspect of the game.

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