How Do You Install Yellow Dog Linux on a PlayStation 3?

To install Yellow Dog Linux, format the hard drive of the PlayStation 3 to accept the operating system, and insert the Yellow Dog Linux DVD. Configure the Yellow Dog Linux operating system once it boots up.

  1. Prepare the PlayStation 3

    In System Settings, select Format Utility, and choose the Format Hard Disk option. Select Custom, then select Allot 10GB to the Other OS. Click on Quick Format. Once the PlayStation 3 restarts, insert the Yellow Dog Linux DVD into the console. Go to System Settings, and click Install Other OS. Follow the instructions given, then reboot the system. Go to System Settings again, and change the default system to Other OS.

  2. Install Yellow Dog Linux

    Click the Next button on the welcome screen, then follow the instructions while clicking the appropriate choices. Click Yes when asked to initialize the partition table. Select the option to remove Linux partitions on selected drives. When asked if it is "OK to turn SWAP immediately," click Yes. Follow the prompts on the network configuration screen while clicking the appropriate choices.

  3. Start up Yellow Dog Linux

    When starting up Yellow Dog Linux for the first time, click Forward on the welcome screen. Follow the instructions, and click Finish.