How Do You Install WII Wads to a Console?

To install Wii WADs, install WAD Manager and put the desired WAD files onto an SD card. Launch WAD Manager and select the WADs to install. Make sure not to install any files you do not have permission to install.

  1. Install WAD Manager

    You need to have Homebrew Channel installed first. Once that's complete, place the WAD Manager's "boot.dol" file in a WAD Manager subfolder in the "apps" folder on your SD card.

  2. Put WAD files on your SD card

    On the same card, make a folder called "wad," and fill it with any WADS you want to install. While some WADs are safe and legal to install, others may be dangerous, illegal or both. Make sure you can trust the files you are going to install. WAD files are installed onto the Wii's flash memory, so their effects remain even after the SD card is removed from the system.

  3. Open WAD Manager and install files

    Launch WAD Manager from the Homebrew Channel. Select the SD Card. This brings up a list of files in the "wad" folder. Press the Plus button to install each file. Wait until it is done, and press the Home button to restart the Wii.