How Do You Install Skyrim Modifications?

How Do You Install Skyrim Modifications?

There are two different ways through which Skyrim can be modified: via the Steam workshop or the Nexus Mod Manager. While installing through Steam workshop is easier, it has less mods available compared to the Nexus. To install mods through Nexus, install the manager, then download the modification files.

  1. Register and download Nexus Mod Manager

    Go to the Nexus Skyrim homepage, and locate the clickable Nexus Mod Manager link at the top of the page. A free account is needed to access the manager, so register if necessary.

  2. Set up the program

    Once installed, open the program, and log in when prompted. A menu appears with all the games for which the Nexus Mod Manager supports modification. Click on the green tick next to Skyrim and the red cross on the other games, then continue.

  3. Select the modifications

    Go back onto the Nexus Skyrim homepage, and select the Files link at the top. From there, view the mods by Latest Files, or browse for something specific. The majority of mods have descriptions and images accompanying them to aid with selection.

  4. Install the mod

    Select the File tab on the modification page. If the modification supports the manager, then a green button is present under the file name. Click on it to download the file to the mod manager. Then, click the name of the mod within the manager to install it onto your game.