How Do You Install Replacement Wheels on a Radio Flyer Wagon?


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To install replacement wheels on a Radio Flyer wagon, remove the nuts that hold the wheels of the wagon in place, take off the wheels, and position the replacement wheels correctly. Then, replace the nuts to secure the new wheels, and ensure that they are positioned tightly.

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Begin installing replacement wheels on a Radio Flyer by positioning the vehicle with its bottom side facing up on a suitable work area. Place a towel or a blanket on the work surface to prevent any scratches on the finish of the wagon.

Next, using a screwdriver with a flat blade, pry off the nuts that hold the wagon's wheels in place. Keep the nuts safely aside. Then, tug the wheels away from the hubs to detach them from the wagon. Discard the old wheels, or keep them aside to be used as spares later.

Press the replacement wheels in position on the hubs so that they are seated properly. Then, press the nuts of the wheels onto the hubs using your hands. Using a hammer, gently tap the heads of all the nuts so that their leading edges rest close to the center of the wheels.

Test the tightness of the nuts with your hands. If any nut is loose, take it off, and replace it with a new one. Finally, position the wagon so that it rests on its wheels.

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