How Do You Install Replacement Batteries for Power Wheels?


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To change a Power Wheels battery, remove the cover, remove the old battery, install the new battery, replace the cover and connect the battery to the vehicle. To order the correct replacement battery, refer to the toy’s manual, look up the model number under the hood or check the model number underneath the seat of the battery compartment. Sites such as eReplacementParts.com let you search for compatible batteries by model number.

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Before removing the cover, unclip the battery wire from the casing. Unscrew the screws in the cover, and then pull the wire through the hole to separate the battery from the cover. Lift the battery out of the vehicle.

Place the new battery into the battery compartment. Take the battery wire, and pull it through the hole in the cover. Replace the battery cover, and reattach the screws. With the cover firmly in place, clip the battery wire into the cover.

The average Power Wheels battery lasts one to three years. To extend the life of the battery, charge it at least once a month, regardless of whether it is in use. Store the vehicle indoors during cold weather, and cover it to protect it from precipitation. Authorized Power Wheels service centers can test your battery and charger, and they sell batteries and other replacement parts.

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