How Do You Install Remote Car Starters?


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To install a remote starter, first locate your preferred remote starter kit, looking for features such as timers and operational distance. Once you have confirmed the kit has all of its necessary components, look up the wiring for the car that will have the starter wired into it.

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Some remote starter kits may not have features or components required or preferred for an individual or their model of car. Checking components after purchase will ensure that no problems occur during the installation of the remote starter.

The wiring in any car is different from model to model, so it is best to examine that model's wiring schematics closely while performing the installation. Once you are familiar with the wire layout, prepare for the job by drawing up a schematic for the finished, installed starter so you can reference it during the job. This will make the job easier and faster for you.

To install the remote starter itself, finally, you must first remove the ignition switch. Locate the wiring you wrote down, and fuse the correct wires together with a soldering iron. Make sure to run the wires for functions such as the LED sensor or antenna. Once it is all wired together, test the system, and redo it if you find any mistakes, reviewing the car schematics and your own for help.

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