How Do You Install a Pool Table?


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Install a pool table by moving the frame that contains the slate into the room where you plan to use it, placing it upside down and attaching the legs. Enlist the help of others to turn the assembled table over, level the slate and begin the felt installation process. Pool table installation is a difficult task that most owners leave to the professionals, and most new tables include installation in the purchase price.

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When attaching the legs with the table inverted, only place the washers and nuts far enough on the bolts to hold the legs in place when flipping it. Once it is in its permanent location, adjust the legs to the proper position and finish tightening the nuts to hold them in the brackets.

Level the slate using a machinist's level. Begin at the highest point on the table, and add shims as necessary to bring the lower edges into alignment. Once the table is level, wax the seams using beeswax, a propane torch and a paint scraper. Melt the wax, and allow it to extend a couple of inches from the seams. Once it hardens, use the paint scraper to create an even joint. Apply the felt and side rails to complete the installation.

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