How Do You Install the Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft?

How Do You Install the Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft?

To install the Pixelmon Minecraft mod, download the Forge installer available at Afterward, run the Forge installer, open Minecraft, select Forge from the available profiles, and log in to test the installation. Downloading the Pixelmon files and moving them to the Minecraft "mods" folder completes the setup.

After downloading the Pixelmon Mod files available at, open your computer's %appdata% folder. Access this folder by opening the Start menu, typing "run" and hitting the "Enter" key. Type "%appdata%" into the Run box, and click OK.

Within %appdata% folder, choose Roaming, then open the Minecraft folder. Drag or copy all the Pixelmon files over to the Minecraft folder titled "mods". If there is no "mods" file, create one. Once you are done copying, open Minecraft, login to the Forge profile and run Minecraft to see if the mods installed correctly.

The Pixelmon file required for the Kanto and Hoenn Regions of Pokemon is the Pixelmon 3.3.8 client version. Likewise, the Forge version needed for this process is, as of July 2015.

A video tutorial is also available on

Pixelmon is a modification of the popular Minecraft game to include the eponymous creatures of the Pokemon franchise as well as items and regions famous to the series. The mod works for both single player and multiplayer games.