How Do You Install Pixelmon?


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To install Pixelmon, first download the Forge Installer and Minecraft. Next, install Pixelmon by downloading the files. Copy it to your ".minecraft" folder, and open it up via Forge.

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  1. Install the Forge Installer and Minecraft

    First, be sure to run the version of Minecraft for which you plan to install the Forge Installer. Next, download the Forge Installer. Once installation is complete, select the install client from the options menu. Finally, open up Minecraft and click your Forge profile to test and login. Specific Forge versions are required to download certain Pixelmon regions. For the Hoenn and Kanto regions, download version

  2. Download the Pixelmon files

    Once the Pixelmon files are downloaded, open up "Run," or select the search bar in your PC's start menu, and type "%appdata%".

  3. Install Pixelmon onto Minecraft

    Open the folder "Named Roaming" and your ".minecraft" folder. From there, drag the Pixelmon files into the ".minecraft" folder, and place in the "mods" subfolder. If there is no "mods" subfolder, it is important that you create one. Finally, open up Minecraft, and select your Forge profile to test if the Pixelmon mod installed correctly. For this to work, make sure your current mods do not conflict with the Pixelmon mod.

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