How Do You Install Mods for Grand Theft Auto IV?


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The simplest way to install mods on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV is to first download and install a patch that allows modding, which will allow mod files to be added to the game directory. Once installed, all the game files will need to have read-only mode disabled, which can be accomplished by finding the folder the game is installed under, right clicking, selecting properties, then unticking the read-only box.

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Modded data files are responsible for making the changes to the game and contain a huge amount of changes and customized content created by users to expand the base game itself. These may range from changing vehicle colors to improving textures.

  1. Mods are generally broken down into texture or data categories and need to first be downloaded.
  2. Once downloaded, data files need to be extracted into the common data folder in the game directory.
  3. Texture mods are a little more complicated and generally require the use of additional software that allows the user to open and edit the GTA IV archives. Begin by downloading SparkIV or OpenIV, then extract the texture mod.
  4. Use the import feature on SparkIV or OpenIV after selecting the texture mod files that are to be added to the game.
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