How Do You Install Mods for Farming Simulator 2015?

Installing mods for Farming Simulator 2015 takes different methods depending on what type of file the mod downloaded as. Mods can be downloaded as .exe, .zip, and .rar files, and each type of file must be installed in a different way.

The easiest type of file to install is the .exe file. Once the file finishes downloading, a user only needs to double click the file and it installs itself. After the installation finishes, the user is encouraged to open Farming Simulator 2015 to test the installation.

Installing mods from .rar files, which are compressed, requires several additional steps. After the file finishes downloading, the user must extract all files within the .rar files. Within the extracted files is typically an .exe or .zip file from which the user can install the mod.

Similar to .rar files, .zip files are compressed files that must be extracted prior to installation. If there is an .exe file within the extracted files, double click that to install the mod. If there are no .exe file and the .zip file contains the mod itself, the entire contents of the .zip file must be copied into the mods folder of the Farming Simulator 2015 program.