How Do You Install the Minecraft Pixelmon Mod?


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Install the Pixelmon Mod for "Minecraft" by downloading and installing the Minecraft Forge program, which consists of running its installer program. Next, download the Pixelmon files, locate the Roaming folder within the AppData folder on the computer, and open the .Minecraft folder. Copy the Pixelmon files into the Mod folder.

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The Pixelmon Mod is a set of files that alters the basic gameplay and appearance of the game "Minecraft" by recreating several elements of the popular "Pokémon" game series, such as actual versions of actual Pokémon from the games and the ability to capture and train these creatures. The mod requires access to a Minecraft Forge server to run properly. You can obtain this access by downloading the Minecraft Forge installer, running the program and signing into your "Minecraft" account by choosing "Forge" profile from the available options.

After verifying that your copy of the game runs properly with the Minecraft Forge server, quit the program and download the Pixelmon Mod files. Open the Run menu and type in "%appdata%" into the field to immediately open that folder. From here, open the Roaming folder and locate the .Minecraft folder. Find the Mods folder, or create one if necessary, and copy the Pixelmon Mod files into the folder. Finally, run "Minecraft" and log into your account to verify the success of the installation.

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