How Do You Install the Minecraft PE Mod?

How Do You Install the Minecraft PE Mod?

Installing Minecraft PE or MCPE mods for Android devices involves downloading BlockLauncher application, downloading the mod and then importing the mod into the MCPE folder. Due to the limited resources in handheld devices, the gameplay in Minecraft Pocket Edition does not contain as many features as the releases for the PC.

The following shows how to install Minecraft PE mods on an Android device.

  1. Download BlockLauncher
  2. Download the BlockLauncher app from the Google Play Store. The basic version of the app is free, while the pro version can be acquired for a small fee.

  3. Download the mod
  4. Go to the MCPE DL mod section and select the mod or mods that will be installed on the device. Click ok after selecting the mod. This may link out to different download sites or even ad pages. Close the ad page in case one pops up and then download the mod.

  5. Launch Minecraft PE
  6. Launch MCPE and then open the BlockLauncher menu. Choose Manage ModPE Scripts from the selection that appears.

  7. Import the mod
  8. After selecting Manage ModPE Scripts. Select import and then Local Storage on the selection that appears. Choose Local Storage and then Download. Select the mods and it will automatically be installed.