How Do You Install Minecraft Forge?


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Install Minecraft Forge on your personal computer before adding one of several types of modifications to the original Minecraft game. Minecraft Forge installs new ".jar" files that run the game instead of original Minecraft files.

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  1. Play Minecraft once

    Bring up the game menu for the original Minecraft game once. You do not have to start a world or play the game for any length of time, but the original Minecraft game must be activated on your computer once before installing Minecraft Forge.

  2. Download Minecraft Forge files

    Click on and download one of several versions of Minecraft Forge from the program's website. As of November 2014, you can download Minecraft Forge versions 1.5.2 for older versions of Minecraft, up to version for Minecraft version 1.7.10. Choose versions for Microsoft Windows or a universal download.

  3. Install the client

    After Minecraft Forge programming downloads to your computer, click Install Client. Choose Next, and the message should say "Successfully installed Forge build" followed by a version number. The Forge website contains several tutorial videos to watch and to follow along the installation process.

  4. Play modified Minecraft

    Download and install modified versions of Minecraft, colloquially called "mods," to play versions of the game created by players and developers. Find the file "%appdata%/.minecraft/mods" in the game's folder to play whatever mod you download with Minecraft Forge.

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