How Do You Install the Homebrew Browser?


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To install the Homebrew browser on a Wii game console, download the Homebrew Channel and Homebrew browser using a computer and an SD memory card, and install both programs on the Wii. The process should take less than an hour; however, this installation is a hack of the Wii that can occasionally result in complete system failure, known as bricking.

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  1. Install the Homebrew Channel

    Download the HackMii installer from BootMii onto an SD card. Using your computer, extract the HackMii installer to find the boot.elf file, and place it in the root directory of the memory card. Insert the memory card into the slot on the Wii, and boot a loader exploit that works with the console's System Menu. The installation runs automatically once a loader is selected.

  2. Download the Homebrew browser

    Using a computer, download the latest version of the browser from CodeMii onto the SD card. Create an /apps folder on the card. Extract the Homebrew Browser zip file, and move the Homebrew Browser folder to the /apps folder.

  3. Install Homebrew Browser on the Wii

    Insert the memory card into the Wii. Use the Homebrew Channel interface to install the browser from the card. The Homebrew Channel uses the /apps folder on the card to store any additional software or media downloaded using the browser.

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