How Do You Install Felt on a Pool Table?


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To install felt on a pool table, remove the pool table rails, staple or glue one side of the felt in place, stretch the felt, and attach the other edges. Then, cut out the pocket holes, and affix the felt inside of the pocket holes. If felt is also needed on the cushion rails, then remove the feather strips on the rails, stretch new felt around the cushion, and tap it into the feather strip grooves.

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Cut a piece of felt large enough to cover the table, and staple it securely to the lower left corner. Stretch the felt across the width of the table, and staple it to the lower right corner. Stretch the felt the length of the table from the lower left corner to the upper left corner, and staple it in place. Finally, stretch the felt toward the upper right corner from both across the table and down the length of the table, and staple it in place.

Stretch the felt from each corner down the table length to its respective side of each center pocket, and fasten it in place. Cut a slit on each side of the felt centered in the center pocket, and pull the felt underneath the table; staple it and the side pockets. Repeat the procedure for the corner pockets, and trim off all of the excess felt. Cut holes in the cloth for the rail bolt hole locations, and reattach the rails.

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