How Do You Install DayZ?

Install DayZ using the DayZ Commander program and selecting the options that apply to you. You need a copy of "Arma II: Combined Operations" or copies of "Arma II" and "Operation Arrowhead" already installed on your computer.

  1. Run the base games

    Run "Arma II: Combined Operations" or "Arma II" with the "Operation Arrowhead" expansion in place before you attempt to install the popular "DayZ" mod. Failing to run these games before installing can lead to glitches and problems in "DayZ."

  2. Download DayZ Commander

    Paste the URL "" into your browser, and install DayZ Commander on your system. DayZ Commander is a computer application and not a game. The commander simplifies the installation process for the game mod "DayZ."

  3. Set your filters

    Launch DayZ Commander, and select the options that best fit your computer and preferred playstyle. New players may wish to select only empty servers to begin, and experienced "DayZ" veterans are likely to want to hid unofficial or heavily modded servers.

  4. Click the Install/Update button

    The Install/Update button begins the process of updating your copy of "Arma II" with the "DayZ" mod. The DayZ Commander downloads "DayZ" to your computer and patches the files of the base game to work with the highly advanced mod.