How Do You Install a CLEO Mod in GTA San Andreas?

Install a CLEO mod into "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" by downloading mods with an automatic self-installer or by manually moving the files into the correct folder. Check that the CLEO mod you are installing is compatible with your version of "GTA: San Andreas."

  1. Check the version number of "GTA: San Andreas"

    The version number of "GTA: San Andreas" denotes which patches and updates have been installed. Check the version number by downloading and running a version checker.

  2. Download and install the appropriate CLEO library

    Download the appropriate CLEO library from the official CLEO site or at another "GTA: San Andreas" modding site. Download CLEO 4 or earlier for "GTA: San Andreas" version 1.0. Download CLEO 4.3 for versions 1.0, 1.01 or 3.0. CLEO libraries update regularly to adapt to new game versions.

  3. Back up files

    Prior to making any changes to the game folder, backup the original version of the file vorbisFile.dll.

  4. Run installation

    Run the ASI Loader that comes with the download. The installer overwrites and adds new files.

  5. Download and install the mods

    Download the desired CLEO mod. Some modders include a self-installer with their mods, so install those by double-clicking the installer. Install manual mods by moving .cs files into the game'sCLEO folder, .fxt files into the CLEO_TEXT folder and any other files according to the mod's installation instructions.