How Do You Install a Bluetooth Device to Work With a PlayStation 3 Console?


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Install a Bluetooth device for the PlayStation 3 console by first pairing it with the system. When the Bluetooth device is a headset, it must then be set as an input/output device.

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How Do You Install a Bluetooth Device to Work With a PlayStation 3 Console?
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To pair a Bluetooth device with the PS3, first go to Settings on the home menu, click on Accessory Settings and then select Manage Bluetooth Devices. If no devices are yet registered, the system displays a message stating the device is not registered and asks the user if he wants to register it. Select yes, and then select Register New Device. Because only one Bluetooth headset can be registered at a time, users must unregister previous headsets before registering new ones.

Next, place the Bluetooth device into pair mode, and select Start Scanning on the PlayStation 3. Select the appropriate device when the scan is completed, and, if prompted, enter the device's PassKey on the PS3. After everything is completed, a register complete message is displayed.

If the device is headphones, users must go to Settings, Accessory Settings, then Audio Device Settings and select Input Device. Select the new device, and this automatically selects the headset as the output device, allowing users to hear in-game voice chat via the headset.

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