How Do You Find Information on Popular Toys?


Find information on popular toys by visiting toy review websites such as as well as checking the best sellers section of retail sites such as or, as of 2015. Additionally, publications such as and release annual lists and descriptions of the year's most popular toys.

Within its Toys and Games category, maintains a page of the most popular toys according to sales figures. The site updates the ranking hourly and provides numerous subcategories for different types of toys, such as educational toys, games, electronics and puppets. The Toys section of also contains various toy categories as well as sections for popular toys according to site-wide trends and the types of toys with the highest sales figures. Both sites allow customers to click on a toy to read product descriptions, view pictures and check user reviews. contains editorial and user reviews of various toys in addition to its section of popular toys for various age ranges. Each toy on the site contains an age recommendation and tips on its value to children and parents. Both and release articles predicting the most popular toys during holiday shopping seasons along with a summary of the toys and their features. These sites regularly update the articles throughout the year and publish summaries of popular toys after the holiday season ends.