How Do You Find Information on a Particular Clarinet?


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To find information on a specific clarinet, locate the make, model and serial number. This information is within the instrument's paperwork or on the back of the upper joint of the clarinet. Do not rely on numbers in other locations on the clarinet, as parts are often replaced.

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The easiest way to potentially find information on a specific clarinet is to consult the person or store from which it was bought. Stores often keep records on all instruments sold or have access to research resources. Some stores offer free appraisals.

Many databases of clarinet serial numbers exist, most organized by make. A particular serial number, or range of numbers, leads to the year that the instrument was made and sometimes the country of origin. If a database search does not provide the needed information, an appraisal can help. Though they are often expensive, an appraisal allows a professional to do the research and provide an accurate description of the clarinet.

With a few exceptions, clarinets typically depreciate in value over time. If information about the instrument is needed to determine the resale value, it is more likely to have value if it was originally a professional instrument or is vintage.

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